We provide convenience on so many fronts for our customers.

On time - most of our products only taking up to 10 minutes to reheat in the pan or oven.

On adaptability - we give you the centre of plate this way you can add your favourite sides and adapt the products the way you'd like.

On creativity - you can get creative with your sides, with the time you save on cooking 

We do demonstrations at all the IGAs and other independents supermarkets that The Standard Meat Co and the Tony Roma products are stocked.


This ensure that our new brand takes off and that people/ are able to trust in the taste and quality to take it home and understand its benefits. 

We guarantee the highest quality we can find in terms of meat and sauce. For our sauces we work closely with chiefs and food technicians to create the best compositions of flavours for our products, providing a sauce that is just right. 

Additionally, our meat is sourced from our trusted companies that we have bee working with since the business started

Making dinner doesn't have to be hard or something you dread! 

Have a restaurant quality meal at home that is better than anything you can get on Uber eats!

We work hard to make it even easier for you by providing recipes on our website. 

Go to the products section to find out more.

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Proudly Australian owned and made. 

Tel: (03) 9351 1336

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