• The Standard Meat Co.

Who we are

Getting creative and cooking something equally as delicious in the comfort of your own home can be difficult. Not having the right spice composition, sauces can be underwhelming or overpowering, one dash too much or too little can throw off the whole process.

The Standard Meat Co. range makes sure that you will no longer have to struggle with these problems in the kitchen!

Set the standard of what you value and taste with friends, loved ones or for yourself with our Standard meat co. products. Every box contains 100% protein with our uniquely tasty sauce. This dynamic and delicious composition is engineered to create a friendly and convenient experience, which is not offered by other ready meal brands in the Australian market. Setting us and you apart from the rest.

We are known for our quality standard since our establishment, as these proteins have been a part of our distribution range in the food service industry. We now move into ready made meals establishing a gateway for Australian kitchens to easily access their favourite foreign cuisines, without the cost and we take away the tediousness and time consuming elements that can come with cooking.

We give you the option to add your own finishing touches or sides to enhance the centre of plate the way you like it. This is important for creativity in the kitchen allowing your home chef experience to be in your control.

Our products are cooked slow and low, retaining moisture ensuring a high quality cook. Each box has 100% protein with two serves of added value protein. We pride ourselves on quality and convenience, bringing it to you in your own home.

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