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We've got you covered this Christmas

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Holding Christmas lunch or dinner this year? Are you looking for something new and different to impress your guests with?

The Standard Meat Co and Tony Roma products are perfect for this! With most of our products only taking 10 minutes in the pan you can have a dish ready to go in minutes.

The Standard Meat Co and Tony Roma products can save you so much time whilst still maintaining a high standard of quality in the kitchen for your Christmas day meal. The ingredients we use are honest and kind, we cook the turkey and our BBQ pork range for 6-12 hrs in bag (Sous Vide) keeping it tender and moist, so you know exactly what you are getting in each packet.

Our products are boneless and the leanest we can make them in order to get as close to 100% meat in bag as possible. Which may surprise you when you open the bag to find more meal than you expect.

The Standard Meat Co and Tony Roma products are your best bet. You have the option of adapting the products to suit your creative wants.

Our pre-cooked BBQ pulled pork takes 4 minutes in the pan and is great with brioche buns and coleslaw or can go on top of pizza or rice paper rolls.

Our BBQ pork ribs are great with mash and peas or could be done with rice.

Additionally our Asian BBQ pork belly could change up the classic BBQ flavours and prove to be a crowd pleaser.

Christmas should be exciting ! not stressful, use our products to make your life easier this Christmas.

You can find our precooked boneless turkey in Costco along with our 1kg Standard Meat Co. and Tony Roma range. You can also find our 400 gram range at your local independent store!

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