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Visit us at The Royal Melbourne Show and Win a FREE supply

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

The Royal Melbourne Show is a highlight of the year for many Australians calendar with good food, entertainment and rides. This year it will also be a highlight for The Standard Meat Co. We will be located in the the Winning Tastes Pavilion where master chef is filmed from Saturday the 21st of September till the 1st of October.

All and everyday we will be offering visitors to try and buy from our stall.


When you buy a box of The Standard you also have the opportunity to go into the draw to win a year's supply of the standard meat co. or Tony Roma's or you could go in the draw to win a mixed box of 8 packets.

1. Year Supply: If you are the lucky winner, you will receive one packet a week, which will be delivered (to the address outlined in the form you will have completed ) as 1 box (containing 8 packets) every two months. You will be able to choose what products are delivered to you and when!*

2. Mixed Box: If you win the draw, you'll be receiving a mixed box of 8 random packets of both ranges!*

So make sure to come and find us because stocks may run out. We will have our original range as well as introduce our new products for tasting that will be coming out soon to the independents.

BUT WAIT we are doing a second give away for the show, if you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and show us .. Then you go in the draw to win a box of 8 packets of mixed The Standard Meat Co and Tony Roma's.

The give away will end on the 2nd of October and you will receive one packet a week of the standard meat co of your choice for a year, delivered to your home monthly. All you have to do is buy a packet, fill out the form, give us your feedback and you're done!

The Current Range:

The Standard Meat Co. Asian BBQ Pork Belly was a hit with its unique spices and flavours makes it a leader in the prepared meals section as each mouthful is as delicious as the last.

The Smokey BBQ Boneless Pork Ribs sauce taste like a BBQ without the need to actually own a BBQ. The Pork Ribs are cooked slow and low enhancing flavour and taste, delivering a tender and decadent form that can’t be rallied.

The Tony Roma’s original BBQ is true to its name with the pulled pork proving to be a real leader in the pulled meat category, as the quality of meat and sauce has been set by the licensed issued to us by Tony Roma’s to produce it right here in Australia.

The Tony Roma’s original BBQ Boneless Pork Ribs is one of the most authentic American BBQ brands Australia has on its shelves. The composition of flavours and meats

mimics the same standard of Tony Roma’s origin, America where BBQ is a staple cuisine.

The New Range to try for the first time:

The Standard Meat Co. Japanese Style Teriyaki Chicken, put on rice with sesame seeds and unlock the sweet and soy flavours and be reminded of that one authentic Japanese meal you dream about tasting again.

The Standard Meat Co. Chinese Style BBQ Char Siu Pork add another level to our Asian night at home with an authentic recipe with all the right elements of spice and flavor to match.

We can’t wait to see you there and for you to taste our product and give us your honest feedback!

Come visit our friendly faces

* Conditions for year supply: exclusive for the show, one 400g packet a week delivered as one carten (containing 8 packets) every 2 months for 12 months, no rain-checks, Melbourne only within 14 days of being notified of winning the draw, close October 1st 8p.m. EST.

* Conditions for mixed box: exclusive for the show, 8 400g packets picked up in a box at one of our officers in Coolaroo, Carlton or North Melbourne within 14 days of being notified of winning the draw, no rain-checks, Melbourne only, close October 1st, 8pm .

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