• The Standard Meat Co.

The Standard on Convenience

Cook time and cleaning up is something that we all dread, having to create, make, wait and clean. These methods can impede on your eating time and take a while to complete. If you are a busy person, someone who likes minimal waste and limiting your time deficiencies in the kitchen; then The Standard Meat Co. is the perfect option for you.

All our products are pre-cooked through decedent sauce, slow and low for around 6-12 hours. We take out the bones, so you know how much protein you are getting. It only takes 10-20 minutes in the pan or oven. All you have to do is add your own sides.

This allows you to adapt the meal the way you like whilst diversifying your weekly menu. The sauces we use are complex and delicious, the composition of flavours is of the highest quality on Australia’s shelves. We take out the hard work for you whilst also providing quality which isn't often seen in the market.

Instead of following a complex recipe and buying a bunch of ingredients you are unlikely to use again, you can purchase the Standard Meat Co. or Tony Romas products, taking out all the headaches.

Our products can be found in the chilled section in your local independent supermarket e.g. IGA, Food-works or our 1kg range is in Costco.

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