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The Standard Meat Co. on Time

What is the longest time you have spent in the kitchen cooking up a storm for a dinner party, family or even just yourself? You can cut this time right down with the Standard Meat Co. or our Tony Roma products. We cook our products for 6 to 12 hours to make sure it is really tender and that the sauce has marinated right through the meat. This means that you only have to place the products in the oven or pan for a short amount of time. We can't all be chefs, nor do we have time to be; so we have done the hard part for you. We use the Best quality meats we an find and pre-cook them to maintain moisture and flavour. You can easily recreate authentic restaurant quality fare in your own home.

- Tony Romas Original BBQ pulled pork takes 4 minutes in the pan or 25 minutes in the oven.

- Tony Romas Boneless Pork Ribs takes 10 minutes in the pan or 35 minutes in the oven

- The Standard Meat co. takes 10 minutes in the pan or 25 minutes in the oven

- The Standard Meat Co. Asian BBQ pork belly takes 8-10 minutes in the pan or 25 in the oven.

All our products are boneless as well so you know you are paying for meat with decedent sauce rather than bone! This way you are getting value for money and producing a quality meal at home, just add your own sides and your ready to go. This convince versus quality can't be rivalled on the shelves of Australia's independent supermarkets as we set the standard in your kitchen for ready-made centre of plate meals.

You can find recipes on our website, under the products tab if you are looking for ways to diversify your weekly menu.

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