• The Standard Meat Co.

The Spar Trade Show

SPAR is the largest retail store company, the chain of dutch origin was established in 2002, landing in Australia in 2006. The stores are owned and operated independently with an average of 13.5 million people passing through the SPAR stores worldwide everyday. There are over 12,000 stores worldwide and 137 within Australia, proving that the trade show coming up in the Gold Coast will be a big event for The Standard Meat Co. and its exposure to other industry avenues.

We will be meeting with the owners of these stores at the Gold Coast convention centre from August 9th to 10th. Our stall will be operating from 8:30am to 3pm.

SPARs philosophy is “better together”, which is what this trade show is doing. By bringing people from all over Australia together to put on their best products for show, sample and possible order placing.

Next month we will be hitting up the Royal Melbourne show to go directly to our customers, giving them a chance to

meet the people behind the brand and try the product before they buy. A prize draw may also be available soon.. Stay tuned.

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