• The Standard Meat Co.

The Family behind the Business

The Standard meat Co. goes way beyond what you see on your supermarket and Costco shelves. We are a family business that started in the 1960s with one butcher shop and a factory called University Meats located in Carlton Melbourne. The name was inspired by its location, 500 metres from the University of Melbourne. Then the business moved into food service for catering businesses, restaurants and butcheries as the University Meat name and popularity grew. In the 1950s Eusebio Marcocci migrated to Australia from Italy wanting to start a family and a business. He began with one butchery in Melbourne's inner-North adjacent to the central business district. This one butchery grew into more shops across Melbourne bringing quality cuts of meat to shops, setting a standard in the meat industry of Victoria.

In the 60s he started the first wholesaling distribution business which focused on getting quality cuts of meat at an affordable price to the businesses of Melbourne. Which is still currently in operation today. This led the company into taking on many business opportunities, supplying milestone events such as the Australian Tennis Open, Melbourne Cricket Ground and The Races, paving the way for the future of Country Cooked International birth in 2012. One of Eusebio Marcocci's sons, Loui Marcocci branched out after learning the ropes of business and entrepreneurship from his father as the second generation family butchers. Loui Marcocci moved into cooked meats providing unrivalled flavour, quality and price for a new customer base. Loui Marcocci filled a gap in the market for food service businesses that experience high volume demands, menu development needs and consistency issues. As cooked meats provide convenience in cutting, cooking and flavour adding for those businesses this in turn reduces their waste, need to invest in equipment or labour, food safety risks, time and accuracy. CCI mostly supplies Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), catering and other businesses. CCI has grown into a business that really cares for its customers. It has a competitive edge in working directly with clients to foster a unique collaborative supply strategy.

This has produced time and time again trusting relationship resulting in consistency with customers menu, enhancing their overall success with their customer base and cost cutting. This was CCI primary customer until a few years ago when the conception of The Standard Meat Co began prototyping and launched into Costco and later independent supermarkets across Australia. The Standard Meat Co. is a ready made centre of plate product, we have a 400 gram (exclusive to independent supermarkets) and 1 kilo range (exclusive to Costco). The product is precooked with delicious sauce added and boneless. You know exactly how much meat you are getting and the convenience of reheating a meal has never been so affordable and easy. You get the chance to add your own sides, making this ready made meal perfect for personalising. We have bought back the creativity and diversity to cooking for families and time poor individuals.

Beginning from one butcher shop to now, University Food Group which includes CCI and University Meats has grown immensely. These many years of operation assures our customers that we have extensive experience in customer service, we have learnt to adapt to changes in the market and constantly innovate. We have become a successful small business and a strong leader in the food service and retail industry. Giving us the confidence to extend our range with The Standard Meat Co. and involve our customers in the process.

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