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Sample the Standard!

We are travelling around Victoria to give shoppers a taste of the Standard Meat co and the Tony Romas products. This means that your will get the chance to try before you buy.

Get to know the quality of our and talk to us about any questions you may have. When we visited Leongatha and Korumburra we receive such positive feedback from the product. Janet who has a family of four proceeded to purchase four boxes after sampling, she stated that:

“it’s so convenient, I might just have that for tea tonight”

The delicious quality and convenience had the kids coming back for seconds and the parents and singles going to purchase a few cheeky packets. With two serves per box amazing quality, how could you say no, not many did during our sampling. And as we packed up people would continue to want to try that product.

Audrey Marcocci, one of the top sales representatives at country cooked, giving the people what they want

One lady said that as she walked through the store she could smell something smokey and delicious. As she followed the hickory taste in the air she was lead to us! Showing that the smokey BBQ boneless pork ribs and the Carolina Honey boneless ribs (that have a sweeter note than the smokey) not only taste good but will have your mouth watering over the deliciousness that blesses your smelling senses.

There is so much more to the standard than what you taste, even know its so delicious and complex. The process of preparing each box is as simple as can be. With only the need to reheat the product in the oven or pan you will also get the opportunity to add your own sides to this quality centre of plate. The meat that is used is some of the highest quality, which is where you get your value and in each box you will find two servings that goes well with rice, salad or pasta.

The shelf mid way through the demo, it was full at the beginning!

We will be at North Melbourne next on the 2nd of September 2019, keep an eye out for us!

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