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Recipes with a difference

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Hobbies during isolation don’t have to be exclusive to baking. Get creative during meal time with the Standard Meat Co. Each box is packed with flavour, initiating a cuisine that will kick start the fun in the kitchen. Adapt our products the way you want, choose the cuisine based on the flavours that come in each box and add your own twist. Our Asian BBQ pork Belly is delicious in bao buns with carrot and cucumber.

Creativity has never been so easy. When searching for spices and ingredients at the supermarket you can never be sure that you will find everything you need due to the national shortages. This not only can stump your creative flow but it can also change the composition of your dishes.

Through purchasing a box of The Standard Meat Co. high quality ingredients are packed in there for you. Leaving you with the fun decision making tasks.

How do you like your Teriyaki chicken? Just add rice, noodles or even in a wrap.

How do you like your Char Siu pork? Just add noodles, rice or bok choy

How do you like your Asian BBQ pork belly? Just add bao buns, rice or Asian slaw

How do you like your Smokey BBQ Ribs? Just add mash potato, potato salad or coleslaw

Diversify your cooking and try something new in the kitchen, we can guarantee everyone will love, with The Standard Meat Co.

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