• The Standard Meat Co.

Innovators never stop

The Standard Meat Company is going al natural. We are experimenting with our char siu pork, our most popular range in Costco to be natural, taking out the added flavouring and colouring we use and using natural colouring to get the red around the edges.

We have tried so far, tomato powder, paprika,and Annatto seeds. All of which have not worked!! Can you believe it, the paprika went orangey/yellow, the others were either too light or too dark.

We work hard at The Standard Meat Co to give people the looks and flavours they know and love.

Let us know if you have any suggestions that you think could work.

We aim to create a meal that looks and tastes delicious for your convenience, we are innovators that are continuously improving our current range and developing new lines.

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