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Home delivery butchers during this global pandemic

Country Cooked International is committed to providing families with delicious premium meats during this unprecedented time in history. We have started to offer delivery or pickup from Carlton for families and individuals that are struggling to get essential meats from their usual shop. Traditionally we have been a supplier for businesses yet our sister company University Meats was the driver of this change to expand our offering to the public as the demand was there.

Recently we featured in The Australian newspaper on the 26th of March. The article highlights that in the first time in our 60 years of operating as a group we established a home delivery platform. This was in response to a significant increase in consumer demand for at-home meat products as a result of the coronavirus.

“Due to the recent COVID19 pandemic we have had to evolve in order to support our supply chain, employees and trade customers – and understanding the supply shortage and difficulty to access fresh meat at a retail level, we are now offering our range (online) direct to the public,’’ said University Meat Director, Alex Marcocci.

“It’s so important to keep supporting each other during this time so we can keep the farmers, our supply chain and employees working in order to put food on the table. We source predominantly from Victorian producers and are proud to be able to offer such quality, local goods to the broader community.”

The “For Home” range is an offering of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, sausages, The Standard Meat Co (Cooked ready to eat meat) and small goods in 1kg pack sizes. The demand rose as shortages started to occur on supermarket shelves yet butcher shops continue to stock and supply a large range of products.

Its not just demand that benefits but as cafes and restaurants close it effects the whole supply chain, putting wholesalers, portioners and meat processors under financial pressure.

So if you’re looking for a way to stock your fridge and support a local Melbourne family.

Purchase your meat from the following link: https://universitymeat.com.au/categories/_other/premium

Find the full article here: Virus Spurs on Uber Eats Butchers

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