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Demand for Ready made meals on the rise

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

It’s been predicted from year 2019 - 2025 there will be an influx of demand for ready made meals. Ready made meal is a pre-cooked form that only requires reheating. The problem with this concept is that most products you find are low quality, brands believe that individuals will forgo quality for the convenience. Looking at the statistics we are going to see a bigger push in the read made meal industry. IBISWorld showed that fresh ready-made market here in Australia has experienced an annual growth rate of roughly 3.6% over the last five years and is now a $600 million industry at the start of 2018.

There are many products in the market but none like The Standard Meat Co. We are setting the standard in the kitchen. We have a big range from Texas BBQ to Asian BBQ pork belly. You are guaranteed quality in this 400 gram packet that serves two. We get the highest quality ingredients that we can find, adding our decadent and delicious sauce with honest ingredients you will be coming back for more.

If you are coming to the Royal Melbourne Show you can come and try it for yourself. If you purchase our products you can go in the draw to win a year's supply or even a mixed box of 8 packets! You may also be able to try our new vegan range, we will have a chicken style Korma and a butter chicken style protein curry. Our centre of plate protein allows you to add your own sides, we are changing the game so you can have creativity and convenience in the kitchen with high quality products.

See you there!!

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