• The Standard Meat Co.

Burnt out from Christmas and looking for a way to make the new year easy?

The Standard Meat co and Tony Roma brand has the answer for you! Did you know pork is the world's most popular meat? Its high in protein and rich in vitamins, due to this high protein content it can help maintain your muscle mass.

This is important to know when deciding how to best maximise what you consume in terms of accessibility, ease and efficiency.

The Standard Meat Co. is a precooked product that main range incorporates a range of pork products, including Asian BBQ pork belly, Smokey boneless BBQ pork ribs, Carolina Honey pork ribs and pulled pork. This means that you can get all the protein you need with ease as our products only taking 10 mins in a pan all you need to do is add your own sides and your meal is served.

There are many other benefits, we help reduce your waste in the kitchen by cooking and portioning the meat and sauce for your convenience. You no longer need to buy sauces and multiple ingredients as we combine all of this with our meat in a pouch or deliciousness. Leaving you only with our recyclable packaging. Leaving you with no leftover ingredients leaving you thinking.. “What do I do with this packet of spice i've only used once?”

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