• The Standard Meat Co.


Are you feeling sheepish because the exciting events of summer are coming to an end and not looking forward to preparing lunches/dinner for the family again? We can help you get through this tough time.

The standard meat co makes life so easy, with only 5 minute reheat time and giving you the chance to add your own sides or not..

Short cooking time, short amount of spare time, short attention span! If this sounds like you, you need The Standard Meat Co. We give you, on a delicious and sauced platter: convenience.

Our boneless pork ribs and delicious pulled pork are ready for you on the shelves of your closest IGA. Or even head to Costco if you want to try out our 1 Kg range. They have a frozen life of 18 months and a chilled life of 6 weeks so you have plenty of time to get through the range of your choice.

What gets you excited about cooking, is it the taste? The excitement of creation? Or even cleaning up? … The Standard Meat Co is so delicious and gives you the freedom to be creative with little waste! We provide you with the centre of plate so you can adapt it to your favourite recipe.

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