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Asian BBQ Pork Belly Bao recipe

Serves: Two

Time/preparation Bao: 10minutes

Time/preparation TSMC: 34 minutes

Total cooking/preparation time: 44 minutes

Nutritional information:

Per serve: Calories 190, fat 12g, sat fat 3g, carbs 33g, sugars 8g, fibre 3g, protein 13g


A packet of The Standard Meat Co Asian BBQ Pork Belly

4 bao buns

1 carrot

Half a cucumber

1/3 cup of coriander

2 tablespoons of kewpie mayonnaise, half for each bao


Oven Method:

1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius

2. Remove product from the bag and place into an oven proof dish. Cover with foil. Ensure meat pieces are not double stacked

3. Place the product in the middle shelf of oven and cook for approx. 17 minutes

4. Remove Smokey Asian BBQ Pork belly from oven, turn meat over in the sauce, cover with foil and return to oven for a further 17 minutes.

OR Pan Method:

1. Remove product from the bag and place into a non-stick pan

2. Medium heat for 8-10 minutes and stir occasionally, until product is steaming hot

While the Asian BBQ Pork Belly rests, prepare bao

1. Steam bao buns for 5 minutes

2. Shred carrot and cut cucumber and put inside the boa with kewpie and coriander

3. Serve on a plate for consumption!

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