• The Standard Meat Co.

And The Standard Meat Co. was Born

The founder of the Standard Meat Co. grew up in Australia, far away from his ancestors. Loui Marcocci had a dream to travel around the world to experience what it had to offer and to be closer to his family. Only in his twenties, Loui set off backpacking around the globe for a year.

Food was one of his main focuses while travelling as he was brought up surrounded by traditional Italian food from a large Italian family. This gave Loui the desire to indulge in the typical and not so typical flavours of the world. He travelled from Europe to America to Asia to experience these flavours.

Upon his return back to Australia, he was fascinated by the unique and wonderful tastes he had experienced which led him to write down and profile all his favourite dishes. In his preferred meals, he noticed a reoccurring ingredient being meat. Loui found the complexity and consistency of the sauces in flavor is what drew him to them.

Loui had a vision of turning these dishes into a brand to be sold online and in grocery stores that could be accessed by all of Australia to love just as much as he did. This came to life when he reached his thirties and decided to revisit his travelling notes and recreate his memories into dishes.

With his father’s expertise and an experienced career in butchery, his refined pallet and all he had learnt alongside chefs and food technicians, today we proudly bring you The Standard Meat Co.

The Standard Meat Co. serves to inspire individuals and families and get them in touch with their creative side as the products allow the chef to adapt to their unique style to create difference in their weekly meal rotation. The brand adapts to the fast-paced life that Australians live as all the products are precooked and boneless and all the attention is placed on the centre of plate protein for your benefit.

Instead of going out, bring the restaurant to you and create quality meals at home so you don’t have to rely on takeaway.

For quality, convenience, authenticity and an appetising meal choose the Standard Meat Co.

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Proudly Australian owned and made. 

Tel: (03) 9351 1336


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